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Mist 8,000 gal. Capacity Stainless Steel Countertop Filtration System

Mist 8,000 gal. Capacity Stainless Steel Countertop Filtration System

  • Service life of 8,000 gallons or 12 months
  • Installation is simple and uncomplicated, with all the necessary hardware (wrench and adapters) included
  • Features fast filtration that dispenses 1.6 Gal. in just one minute
  • Easily connects to most standard kitchen taps and faucets
  • See FAQs below for more info
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What types of contaminants does the Mist Countertop Filtration System remove?

This system removes heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, sediments, lead, cysts, rust, bad taste, and odors as well as other impurities from your tap water.

Is this system certified?

This system is not certified by NSF International but is up to NSF 42 Standards.

What is included in my package?

Mist Filtration System, Filter, Spout, Outlet valve, Wrench, A3 adapter (15/16-27), A5 adapter (M18.5)

How often do I need to replace my filter? Is it easy to replace?

Yes, the filter can be replaced easily.
The filter life is 8,000 gallons or about 12 months (The filter life may vary depending on the water conditions).
You can find the replacement filter on our website with the model number MFC093 or using this link MFC093

What is the flow rate?

This system has a high flow rate of 1.6 GPM and can fill up a cup in about 3 seconds.

What are the specs?

Filter life: 8,000 gallons or 12 months
Operating pressure: 15-100 psi
Operating temperature: 40-100 ˚F
Flow rate: 1.6 GPM

Can I install this system myself?

Yes, this system installs easily and can be completed by anyone, no drilling is necessary. Clear instructions are included.

How many stages does this system have?

This system has a total of 5 filtration stages to ensure the finest filtration from the water you drink.

Does this system filter chlorine and fluoride?

Yes, this system removes heavy metals like chlorine, fluoride, and lead as well as other impurities from your tap water.

Does this system reduce TDS?

No, this system does not reduce TDS.
If you are looking for a system to reduce your TDS see Mist Reverse Osmosis Systems here

What is a countertop filtration system?

A countertop filtration system is a water filter that sits on top of your countertop and filters your tap water. It typically uses a carbon filter, to remove impurities from your water.

Where do countertop filtration systems install?

It installs on your countertop and connects to your kitchen tap.
This system has an anti-slip base to keep the system in an upright position and in place.

How do I know if this countertop filtration system is compatible with my faucet?

This system is compatible with most standard kitchen taps and included adapters. This system is not compatible with spray and irregular shaped faucet spouts.

Do countertop filtration systems require electricity?

No, countertop filtration systems do not require electricity to operate.

Are countertop filtration systems environmentally friendly?

Countertop filtration systems are environmentally friendly as they reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by single-use bottles.

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