Mist LG LT800P ADQ73613401, Kenmore 9490, ADQ73613402, 46-9490 Refrigerator Water Filter

Clearwater Filters

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This filter will reduce chlorine to deliver pure clean and refreshing water for up 6 months.

Replacement For

LG Part:

LT800P LT800PC ADQ73613401 ADQ73613401-s

Kenmore Elite Part:

9490 ADQ73613402 46-9490 r-9490 4 69490 04609490000P adq73613402-s

Compatible With the Following LG Refrigerators:

LMXS30776S LMXS30746S LMXC24746S LSC22991ST LSXS26466S LSXS26366S LSXS26326S LSXS26326W LSXS26326B LSXS22423S LSXS22423W LSXS22423B

Tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI 42 for Material Safety and Structure Integrity and Chlorine reduction. Tested and certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 372 standards for Lead Free Compliance.
LMXC23746D LSXC22426S LMXC23746S LSXC22486D LMXS30746S LSXC22486S LMXS30756S LSXS22423B LMXS30776D LSXS22423S LMXS30776S LSXS22423W LMXS30786S LSXS26326B LNXC23726S LSXS26326S LNXC23766D LSXS26326W LNXS30866D LSXS26336D LNXS30866D LSXS26336V LNXS30996D LSXS26366D LPXS30866D LSXS26366S LPXS30866S LSXS26386D LPXS30876D LSXS26386S LSC22991ST LSXS26466D LSXC22326S LSXS26466S LSXC22336S LUPXC2386N LSXC22386D LUPXS3186N LSXC22386S LT800P; LT800PC; ADQ73613401, ADQ73613402, ADQ73613401, Kenmore 46-9490, 469490, ADQ32617801, ADQ32617703, ADQ72910901, ADQ73613403, RFC3500A, Kenmore 46-9490, 469490, ADQ32617801, ADQ32617703, ADQ72910901, ADQ73613403

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