LG LT700P, ADQ36006101, Kenmore 46-9690 Refrigerator Water Filter

LG LT700P, ADQ36006101, Kenmore 46-9690 Refrigerator Water Filter

Clearwater Filters

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This filter will reduce chlorine, taste and odor to deliver pure clean and refreshing water for up 6 months.

Compatible with Following Models:

Compatible to LG part: Lt700p adq36006101, adq36006101-s, adq36006101s, adq36006102, adq36006102-s, adq36006102s Kenmore elite part: 9690, 46-9690 469690

For LG refrigerators: Lfx25978sb, lfx25978st, lfx25978sw, lfx25991st, lfx28968sb, lfx28968st, lfx28968sw, lfx28978sb, lfx28978st, lfx28978sw, lfx28979sb, lfx28979st, lfx28979sw, lfx28991st, lfx28995st, lfx29927sb, lfx29927st, lfx29927sw, lfx29945st, lfx31925sb, lfx31925st, lfx31925sw, lfx31935st, lfx31945st, lfx31995st, lfx32945st, lfx33974st, lmx25986sb, lmx25986st, lmx25986sw, lmx25988sb, lmx25988st, lmx25988sw, lmx28988sb, lmx28988st, lmx28988sw, lmx30995st, lmx31985st, lsfd2591st, lssb2791st.


Tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI 42 for Material Safety and Structure Integrity and Chlorine reduction. Tested and certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 372 standards for Lead Free Compliance.

176272 2790072 46-9690 4609690000 4696906523393 7364289S 795.7205 79572032110 9690 ADQ36006101 ADQ36006101-S ADQ36006101S ADQ36006102 ADQ36006102-S ADQ36006102S AQF-LT700P BCF70 CLCH106 EBL7700 EFF-6032A EP-LT700P FML-3 HDX-FML-3 LFX25978ST LFX25991ST LFX28978ST LFX31925 LFX31925ST LFX31925SW LFX31945ST LFX33975ST LGEADQ36006101 LMX31985ST LP-1400P LT700P NVW-145 PD00001835 PF01 PG-700P PH21410 R-9690 RB-L3 RFC1200A RWF1052 SGF-LA07 WD-LT700P WF700 WFC2401 WLF-01 WSL-3 LFCS31626S LFX29927SW LFXS30726W LFD20786SB LFX29927WB LFXS30766D LFD20786ST LFX29937ST LFXS30766S LFD20786SW LFX29945ST LFXS30786S LFD22786SB LFX31915SB LFXS32726S LFD22786ST LFX31915ST LFXS32736D LFD22786SW LFX31915SW LFXS32766S LFX21976ST LFX31925SB LMX21986ST LFX25976SB LFX31925ST LMX25986SB LFX25976ST LFX31925SW LMX25986ST LFX25976SW LFX31935ST LMX25986SW LFX25978SB LFX31945ST LMX25988SB LFX25978ST LFX31995ST LMX25988ST LFX25978SW LFX32945ST LMX25988SW LFX25991ST LFX33975ST LMX28988SB LFX25992ST LFXC24726D LMX28988ST LFX28968D LFXC24726S LMX28988SW LFX28968SB LFXC24766* LMX28994ST LFX28968ST LFXC24766S LMX30995ST LFX28968SW LFXS24623B LMX31985ST LFX28978SB LFXS24623D LMXS27626D LFX28978ST LFXS24623S LMXS27626S LFX28978SW LFXS24623W LMXS27676D LFX28979SB LFXS24663S LMXS27766S LFX28979ST LFXS27566S LPCS34886C LFX28979SW LFXS29626B LSFD2491ST LFX28991ST LFXS29626S LSFD2591ST LFX28992ST LFXS29626W LSFS213ST LFX28995ST LFXS29766S LSFXC2476S LFX29927SB LFXS30726B LSMX211ST LFX29927ST LFXS30726S LSSB2691ST

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